The National Credit Regulator

(NCR Debt Counselling)

NCR debt counselling

What is the NCR ?

The National Credit Regulator has been established under the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and ensures the South African credit industry is regulated. NCR debt counselling inshort s regulated and legal counselling with procedures set out to protect creditors and consumers.

What is NCR debt counselling?

NCR debt Counselling is debt counselling which help restructure debt payments and is overseen by a registered debt counsellor. Debt counsellors need to be registered with the National Credit Regulator to ensure the correct processes are used. The NCR have established stringent processes, and have a number of beneits for the clients undergoing debt relief, debt counselling nad debt consolidation. The NCR counselling involves making adjusted repayments on existing debts, based on the information the debt counsellor makes for their client. Thus the more information that can be given the the NCR counsellor, the better.

One of the National Credit Regulator functions is to keep a list of regsitered debt counselors, and to do the registration of credit providers as well the enforcement of compliance to the Act .

The NCR is a non-discriminatory authority and aims to improve standards of consumer information

Functions of the National Credit Regulator:

  • Regulate the credit industry
  • Education of consumerism, debt, financial responsibility
  • Policy development within the relevant field
  • Investigation of complaints
  • Enforcing the Credit Act
  • Support social and economic advancement
  • Develop and promote fair, comptetive, efficient, transparent consumer market
  • Promote public awareness of consumer creit matters
  • Review registration regarding the consumer credit
  • Reports to the Minister of Trade and Industry regarding consumer credit

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