Debt solutions to reduce the stress and pressure of the financial debt



Debt Solutions for "out or control" debt.

When it comes to debt, we can feel overwhelmed and possible like you are drowning. There are debt solutions for mounting bills and interest rates catching up to our income. Alleviating the debt can reduce your stress and help you reach your financial goals. 

Some practical debt solutions are available to help.

Debt counselling and debt review:

Many South Africans have being caught in the debt cycle, but since the National Credit Regulator introduced debt counselling, debt counselling can have advantages. Debt counselling could give you a professional financial counsellor who can negotiate with creditors which can be an intimidating experience, provide advice and guide you in regards to repayments and budgeting, and how to avoid getting into the debt cycle again. Debt Counsellors are registered with the NCR and have the advice you need to ease the financial pressures.   

Debt consolidation:

Debt consolidation is a way to ease the pressures of dealing with multiple persistant creditors, and involved consolidating your debts into one affordable loan, making the repayment affordable and reducing the frustration of dealing with multiple creditors, easing the frustration of financial administration and normally offering a lower interest rate with an extended payment period

Wise Spending

Even though wise spending might seem obvious, it can be difficult to implement. Correct budgetting, prioritsation, and avoiding the temptations of the "high life" are vital to been spendthrift. 

Debt counselling will require sacrifices, luxuries and irresponsible spending needs to be curbed, and it is worth it in the liong run to financial freedom. 




Killaghy Business Solutions are Registered Debt Counsellors


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