Debt Counselling Process

Process for Debt Counselling

Debt Counsellors are registered with the National Credit Regulator and have a registration number. 

The process of debt counselling starts with you contacting the Debt Counsellor.

Candidates for debt counselling will be asked to show their:

  • Recent bank statements
  • Employee payslips
  • Statements of essential monthly expenses
  • Copies of bills from all creditors
You will be required to fill in the Application form with information needed to assist you in the debt counselling process. 
If you are outside the Johannesburg area, and unable to ahve a meeting, we will gladly assist you telephonically. 

Who is eligible for debt counselling?

To be a debt counselling candidate, you need a: 

  • Verifiable South African citizenship document, or permanent residency document
  • Have steady / full time employment
  • Able to provide at least one months worth of payslips, bank statements
  • Self employed individuals can provide documentation of consistent monthly income
Killaghy Business Solutions is a registered debt counsellor operating from Johannesburg, and can help you achieve peace of mind with debt reivews, and debt counselling. 
We also help you prevent falling into the debt trap in the future. 
Our debt counselling covers individuals, and we also do debt counselling for staff members in your business. 


Killaghy Business Solutions are Registered Debt Counsellors


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Apply for Assistance:

The first step to get started is to complete our application form. Download the form below, complete it and mail it back to us.